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Posted: 09:28am 22 Oct 2021      

Thanks Mixtel90
Probably use a latch switch, thats a bit complex for my knowledge of basic

I do have another issue though

It's a gps speed display
what I want to do is when the speed gets below 3
is check the current minute and if more than 2 minutes pass do something
such as print "time is up"

I've tried this
if VAL(Speed2$) < 3 then
Minute = Val(Mid$(TIME$,4,4))
print Minute
if Minute = Minute + 1 then
print "time is up"

The problem I have is it's always checking the minute and it will never increase in time
Once the speed is below 3 it's always using that minute and not the one previously

I tried putting Minute = Val(Mid$(TIME$,4,4)) at the start of the program but that just uses the minute the program was run

Hope that made sense