PicoMite V5.07.00: MMBasic on the RaspBerry Pi Pico

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Posted: 07:39am 24 Oct 2021      

I'm pleased to announce that the PicoMite (MMBasic on the RaspBerry Pi Pico) is now released as version 5.07.00.
Many thanks are due to Geoff for MMBasic and the superb comprehensive manual and Mick for his work on PIO, proof reading and testing. Thanks also to all the TBS members who have tested the numerous alpha and beta versions to get us to this release.

You can find the release version and documentation on


The PicoMite is open source and is source is available on


This is the first version of MMBasic to be available open source (thanks Geoff) so we will be watching with interest (trepidation ?) what, if anything, the results of opening up the source will be.