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Because, with a log function, you couldn't easily set fixed outputs of, say, 100mV, 300mV and 500mV. 1V doesn't sound twice as loud as 500mV. This is only of interest for audio test signal generation, where you are more interested in the signal level than its apparent volume. Your ears have a logarithmic level response (hence log volume controls), devices under test rarely are (even when you want them to be!). PLAY SOUND is of interest because it produces useful waveforms.

TBH, it's probably of very little interest really. Far more people will be interested in "double the number to make it twice as loud" than are interested in audio signal generation. :)  In any case, the output from the 'mites is unlikely to be clean enough (at low levels) because of the computer "hash" noise on the signal. That means filters, those mean non-linearity.
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