PicoMite V5.07.01 betas

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Posted: 05:17pm 09 Nov 2021      

  Tinine said  
  led-bloon said  I must be missing something ... what the hell is that item bottom right of both pictures, that looks like sticky tape attached to the (touch) screen?

It's the screen protector tear-off. Just hasn't removed it.

you see that right

  matherp said  
  Quote  Sometimes the keys remain inverted.

Please provide demo code and instructions as to what to do to create the issue

Backlight 75
GUI textbox #2, 100,100,150,55,RGB(BLUE),RGB(BLACK)
CtrlVal(#2)="##Hier Text"

That's all, i was just trying to understand and test the commands.

I provoked the behaviour by pressing the virtual key for a long time.

  Geoffg said  
  homa said  Also there seems to be no possibility to limit the text length, or the text length is only partially displayed

No, there is no way to limit the length of the entered text.  However, you can trap the key up interrupt and rewrite the text (ie, truncate it) to suit your application.

That's a pity, because it would have made things so nice and simple with just the command.
Another option "max length" would be a great thing. Or even better the check with regex :-)

Sorry for the delayed answers, but I am 10 hours behind here in Germany.