PicoMite V5.07.01 betas

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  matherp said  V5.07.01b4

Implements the option of using a standard uart as the console

OPTION SERIAL CONSOLE uartapin, uartbpin

uartapin and uartbpin can be any valid pair of rx and tx pins for either com1 (uart0) or com2( uart1). The order you specify them is not important



to revert to normal the USB console

As OPTION SERIAL CONSOLE does not described in
PicoMite User Manual at all, I guess it needed more detailed  explanation.

I entered OPTION SERIAL CONSOLE GP0,GP1 command and lost connect with my pico at all.
It does not answer via USB nor via GP0/1.
Only full flash erasing and reflashing returned to operation.

So, the questions are:
1. What are the roles of uartapin and uartbpin in
OPTION SERIAL CONSOLE uartapin, uartbpin command?
Do they correspond to RX or TX directions?
2. What are full list of OPTION SERIAL CONSOLE commands in sense of Picomate?
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