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but it does mean that if you accidentally press the f11 key, your program is effectively instantly erased. unless there is a workaround, i'd consider this pretty dire - especially since f12 sits next to it and has a very different function.

i see that f10 (AUTOSAVE) on the pico behaves similarly.

addendum: experimenting, i see that if you immediately pull the power plug on the pico after pressing f10 or f11, then upon re-powering the user program is restored from flash. this suggests to me that while f10 and f11 (AUTOSAVE and XMODEM RECEIVE) instantly clear the program in RAM, the flash backup is left intact - but that there is NO way to recover the situation from the keyboard, you must pull the power plug.

addendum2: you can actually do quite a bit before pulling the plug, and still be ok. you can type LIST, even type EDIT (but not exit and save), and then pull the plug and your program will silently be recovered from the flash backup.

AND, you can type CPU RESTART and your program will be recovered.

at the very least, it should perhaps be clearly signposted in the manual that upon accidentally pressing f11, either unplug, reset, or type CPU RESTART to avoid losing your program.

rob   :-)
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