Circuit Breaker recommendations

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Posted: 06:13am 17 Nov 2021      

I have just installed an 8010 based 5kw inverter in our place. I bought a 120 amp automotive/marine type circuit breaker to mount on it for safety, just in case it decides to emit smoke. Which all of my powerjacks over the years have done!
I checked it today and found that the 120 amp breaker was tripping at 85 amps. Not good as at times I want to run 2.4kw loads for short times.
I am wondering if any folks here have any suggestions of brands or types of circuit breakers for inverter protection.
I have a couple of DC rated 63 amp two pole breakers but need more current than they can hold.
It seems that 120 amp or 150 amp industrial type breakers cost almost as much as an inverter.