Circuit Breaker recommendations

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Posted: 08:31pm 17 Nov 2021      

Hi Wiseguy Mike, the 63 amp breakers I have look like that one.
They only have + and - marked on the top too.
That one looks like two single pole breakers with a piece of plastic tying them together. The metal piece on the bottom looks like a link.
Surely they are not suggesting to hook two breakers in series?
I have seen breakers with polarity markers before, some are pretty confusing too. I believe they are set up to work properly to extinguish the arc when they are connected in the correct way. Although I have seen some on Grid connected setups connected incorrectly.
I reckon the polarity markers on that one are just showing current flow.
They usually don't come with any paperwork so one can only guess and connect them in the way they are marked.