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Posted: 09:07pm 17 Nov 2021      

When wiring in a single breaker with polarity marked on at least one terminal regardless whether placing it in series with the positive or negative lead it is easy to  consider what is regarded as the source and connect it appropriately. But to see a dual breaker with  the positive & negative looking inverted at the other end just doesn't look or feel right.  If you consider each breaker in isolation it does make sense but the markings look like a mistake has been made.

I can imagine many issues being made by the uninitiated, if you intuitively connect the Load red wire to the terminal marked positive the results are bound to be not real good.

If they put the word "source" or "if source" at each end and encompassing the polarity markings I think it would help those unfamiliar to understand the markings.

Thanks for the replies and for the link Mike - its no wonder they intend to legislate to go non polarised breakers.  I probably don't need to say I am not licensed to install solar !
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