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  Mixtel90 said  The old Vectrex game drove the X and Y plates and the cathode of the CRT directly IIRC. That allowed very fast control over the line with instant on and off at the beginning and end. It was a true vector display.

Not all oscilloscopes give you that much access now, particularly to a blanking control input.

The BBC did its line drawing using integer variables, which ran a lot faster than FP variables on that machine. They used a simple XOR command to plot to the screen and ignored the last dot of closed shapes so that it didn't get erased again. The routines appear to be in BASIC, not asm.

To be clear, these videos are directly from my project but it uses a method from Trammell Hudson, which draws visible lines slow and the movements very fast and works on every scope! I did games and some Demos where I feed 3D-Graphic from the Blender viewport to it. for the code, it uses a Teensy >3.x and DA-Chips.

EDIT: better link:

I need to look closer to the code of Elite, it uses Basic?!!?!?!?! wow.

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