MM-PLC featuring picomite

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Posted: 09:49pm 03 Dec 2021      

Volhout nice to see you pack that in the smaller din rail box.

 I have one using the 170. I did a while back using a bigger din rail box.
 It has 4 relays, 4 optio inputs and 4 optio out puts, 1 4-20 in, 2 4-20 out.
 A 1.8" LCD with touch. I couldn't squeeze in the 120VAC to 5VDC and 3.3VDC
 they are in a thin din rail. 120VAC top the VDC's bottom and a switch on
 face. If the customer decides not to use this I'll post the details.

 right now its a prototype all hand wired.

 looking at chips other that the 170 that can run MMBasic.
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