Measuring and acting on solar export

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Posted: 06:00am 05 Jan 2022      

Hi all,

I have a single phase 10kw solar inverter and 3 phase power to my house, so the inverter sits on only one of the phases.

I need to be able to turn on/off my 3.6kw electric hot water resistive storage heater, based on the solar production at the time.

So far it's just been on a timer that turns on at 11am, but I think it's worthwhile to put it on a contactor that can be controlled by a magic Box that can measure excess solar generation.

Ideally I'd be after a, say, 0 to 10v analog output corresponding to 0 to 10kw of export power.

Is there an ali-express or other commercial box that can do this? It's a little tricky because the box would have to measure all 3 phases and calculate the total power being used/exported.