Measuring and acting on solar export

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Posted: 10:15am 11 Jan 2022      

  Haxby said  
Maybe for a simpler solution I could use one of my 2 kw aerosharp 93v transformers to drop the 240v feed to 147v into the water heater.

Other "3 phase" 3 element elements are available for example 3 x 1KW = 3 KW total.

I've been pondering the possibilities while trying to use one thermostat, for example running one element on night power, and doing green things with the other two elements, for example green power into one element or 2 elements or even 2 elements in series with switching between these options possible.

I've been a bit stuck on the thermostat bit though (to ensure no mains or green overheating) and pondering if one could use the thermostat to switch a common neutral, or maybe use the thermostat to drive contactors....

As controlled hot water is the cheapest power the savings are the least available I was concentrating on eliminating / reducing my expensive power as the priority (noting the very real ROI issues pointed out)