About time the ArmmiteH7 got some TLC: V5.07.01 betas

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Posted: 05:59am 22 Jan 2022      

I have started on the port to the WeAct STM32H743VI board.

Luckily the WeAct boards SPI 0.96" (160 x 80) display has a ST7735 chip, so hopefully changing the Hres & Vres in main.c should get it going.  I also had to initialise SPI4 for it and direct it to this new spi port.

The camera is the same OV7670 so should be fine with the new IO pin assignments.
DAC1 had to be changed and initialised to DAC2 and nearly all the GPIO port/pin assignments had to be changed, so it has been a lot of work.

I had to make it a unique port for a WeAct board as with only 100 pins and many already hardware assigned, it was too messy to combine the porting with a 100 pin chip only option.

Back to my other problem:

I think I know why the STM32H743ZI ver V chip wont run the new fast armmiteH7 ver 5.07, yet the old  5.05 runs fine.  My board uses a 25Mhz crystal while the Nucleo ZI2 board with the same Ver V chip uses an 8Mhz clock from the STlink V3 programmer.
There should be a define to change this to suit whether a 25Mhz crystal for Ver Y chips in Nucleo ZI board or the 8Mhz clock is used for the Nucleo ZI2 board with the Ver V chip.
In STM32H7xx_HAL_H the Ver V chip is defined as REV_ID_V, but I can't see where the HSE_VALUE is changed to suit the board.

I decided to just change it in STM32H7xx_HAL_CONF_H to ((uint32_t)25000000) instead 8000000.
Does this make sense or am I looking up the wrong tree?

I still need to work out using the QSPI flash chip and the SPI Flash chip. I am guessing I need to load and initialise the drivers from the STM32H7XX_HAL in STMCubeIDE.  If you can give me access to examples on how this was done in the CMM2 would be a big help.

Next I need to setup the toolchain to compile the new WeAct port.  Some help with how to do this would be great.

Would it be possible for you to add the 25Mhz crystal HSE_VALUE option for the 5.07.01b0 version if you think this is why it won't run on my board?

Thanks again for everything.