About time the ArmmiteH7 got some TLC: V5.07.01 betas

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  Quote  My board uses a 25Mhz crystal while the Nucleo ZI2 board with the same Ver V chip uses an 8Mhz clock from the STlink V3 programmer.

The 25MHz crystal is for the network I/F chip. The processor xtal isn't supplied on the Nucleo (labelled X3). Both versions are clocked from their respective ST-links @ 8MHz

IMHO a dedicated port for this one board is a mistake and a waste of effort. By tying everything to one H/W layout it becomes unusable as a general 100-pin version and it will then be entirely up to you to support it and you will need Geoff's agreement to distribute the firmware. This was my argument against this board in the first place. Too many onboard peripherals that aren't generally very useful (e.g. toy display). There is no support for QSPI on the CMM2 - you are on your own with this.
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