About time the ArmmiteH7 got some TLC: V5.07.01 betas

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Posted: 12:29am 23 Jan 2022      

Thanks Peter?

Would it still be possible to help me find out why your 5.07 version will not run on a STM32H743ZI ver V chip with a 25Mhz crystal, but will work on the Nucleo VI2 board with the same chip, but with 8Mhz clock from the STlink V3?

MMbasic 5.05.11 will run fine on the STM32H743ZI ver V chip with a 25Mhz crystal, so it must be some think in 5.07.0b1 that reads the version REVID = 2003 or that a Nucleo ZI2 board is being used and changes the HSE from 25Mhz to 8Mhz.

The HSE clock is defined as 25Mhz in STM32H7XX_hal.h.  But in STM32H7xx_hal_cong_h you have set it to 8Mhz.

I do agree with regarding this WeAct board and would not really want to use the silly little display or the DCMI port. It can however be bought without them but uses the 100 pin H743VI chip and a 25Mhz crystal, SPI and QSPI flash, so I still need to work out how to define whether the HSE clock is 25Mhz or 8Mhz.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.