About time the ArmmiteH7 got some TLC: V5.07.01 betas

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Thanks Peter,

My appolgies yes its a 8Mhz crystal on the ZI board that provides the HSE Clock. Got confused with another board sorry.

Yes, on the ZI2 board the HSE clock is provided by the STLink V3E as the crystal is not installed. On the earlier Nucleo ZI board with the Ver Y chip at 400Mhz an 8Mhz crystal is used. You can snap off the STLink 2 programmer end of board.

I don't use either the Nucleo ZI or ZI2 boards however. My boards use an on board 8Mhz crystal for both the Ver Y and Ver V chips.

What I can't work out is why on my boards the 5.05.11 will run on a Ver V chip which is the same 480Mhz version used on the ZI2 board, but 5.07.01b will not run.

The only difference between my boards using the Ver V chip and the Nucleo VI2 board is that I use a 8Mhz Crystal and the Nucleo VI2 uses an 8Mhz clock from the STLink V3E. I cant find any other differences.

I never have any trouble loading any of versions of firmware and I have tried using a STLink V3MINI programmer instead of the STLink 2 one I broke off a Nucleo ZI board.

Can you think of anything specific to the Nucleo VI2 board (which you say runs 5.07.01b Ok) that still allows my boards to run 5.05.11 but not 5.07.01b other than the clock source?

I have a number of boards with ver Y 400Mhz chips and a number of boards with Ver V 480Mhz chips, so it not a dodgy chip as each ver behaves the same.

NOTE Ver Y 400Mhz chips are not reliable at 480Mhz. Also all new chips manufactured will be the Ver V chip so I need to solve this issue.

Sorry I keep asking for help.
Thanks again.