About time the ArmmiteH7 got some TLC: V5.07.01 betas

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Posted: 12:56pm 24 Jan 2022      

Thanks Peter,

My boards use 2.7pF ceramic caps on the RTC crystal and 4.7pf ceramic on the 8Mhz HSE one.

The boards work fine with 5.05.11 every time and the RTC works fine?
My boot pin is always low, PDR_ON and USB3.3 are both tied to 3.3vdc.

Unfortunately ST did not provide a Schematic for the Nucleo ZI2 board.

The STLink V3E CPU provides the 8Mhz HSE clock in the Nucleo ZI2 board.
But here is what they say.  X3 if fitted is a 25Mhz crystal.
That must be where I got the 25Mhz crystal in my head.
I think I solved it.  I will replace my 8Mhz one with a 25Mhz and change the caps too.
That is why there is the reference in hal for the 25Mhz clock.

- HSE on-board oscillator from X3 crystal (not provided): for typical frequencies and its
capacitors and resistors, refer to the STM32H7 Series microcontroller datasheet and to
the Oscillator design guide for STM8AF/AL/S and STM32 microcontrollers Application
note (AN2867) for the oscillator design guide. The X3 crystal has the following
characteristics: 25 MHz, 6 pF, 20 ppm. It is recommended to use
NX2016SA-25MHz-EXS00A-CS11321 manufactured by NDK.