About time the ArmmiteH7 got some TLC: V5.07.01 betas

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Posted: 12:47pm 27 Jan 2022      

Thanks Peter,

I only had 12pf caps handy so I tried them for the RTC crystal, but it still did not start. 5.05.11 also would not start.

You are right though it is definitely the RTC that is not running. After putting the 2.7pf caps back in and installed 5.05.11 and starting OK, I got a hardware error on setting the clock.

I must of missed this before somehow, which is weird because normally I have the clock set on uploading programs??

Tomorrow I will check the other board with the ver V chip again.

I will also order some crystal oscillators I think for both the 8Mhz and the 32.768kHz.

According to the errata sheet the RTC issue on the ver Y chip was fixed on the ver V chip. It related to the LSEDRV selection bits being swapped. Selecting Medium low drive and medium high drive were swapped in the Y ver.
I presume this is what you were talking about??