I2C Address Problem with Micromite

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Posted: 03:26pm 14 Jan 2022      

typing "i2c reserved addresses" (without quote marks) into google reveals:

"A seven bit wide address space theoretically allows 128 I2C addresses - however, some addresses are reserved for special purposes. Thus, only 112 addresses are available with the 7 bit address scheme. To get rid of this a special method for using 10 bit addresses is defined.

The following table shows I2C addresses reserved for special purposes:

0000000 0      General Call
0000000 1      Start Byte
0000001 X      CBUS Addresses
0000010 X      Reserved for Different Bus Formats
0000011 X      Reserved for future purposes
00001XX X      High-Speed Master Code
11110XX X      10-bit Slave Addressing
11111XX X      Reserved for future purposes"


what exactly is the device you have that has address 0x78?

rob   :-)
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