I2C Address Problem with Micromite

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the wuerth datasheet links to a philips datasheet, which reads:

"Assignment of addresses within a local system is up to the system architect who must take into account the devices being used on the bus and any future interaction with other conventional I2C-buses. For example, a device with seven user-assignable address pins allows all 128 addresses to be assigned. If it is known that the reserved address is never going to be used for its intended purpose, a reserved address can be used for a target address." (page 16, my highlighting)

so wuerth should have been aware that they were using a reserved address, as well as being aware that if they really wanted to they could make use of it at the cost of being 10-bit addressing incompatible.

it may be worth asking Geoff if it is possible to extend the range of allowed addresses on the MX170 et al versions of MMbasic. i do not fully know how this may affect the support of 10-bit addressing in the firmware, but i suspect that the presence of an 8/10-bit flag in the function calls precludes major problems.

i do note that the pico version of MMbasic seems to have had reference to 10-bit addressing removed from the user guide at least. Peter may care to comment about the availability of 10-bit addressing here. note that it does appears that 10-bit addressing never really took off within the industry, so its absence may be of little concern.

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