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Posted: 08:02pm 26 Feb 2022      

I've just done a compare of the functionality of MMBasic for Windows against the CMM2 and there is nothing really missing now which can (or should) be implemented. I'm not getting many reports of bugs and the OlcPixelGameEngine and sound infrastructure seem solid so it is time to call this version the first beta

Included in V5.07.03b0 is the full turtle functionality from the CMM2 and this has been tested with the various demo-tape turtle examples and seems to work nicely. Also now working are the BOX subcommands OR_PIXEL, XOR_PIXEL and AND_PIXEL.

I'm particularly pleased that things like Mauro's Wolf3d and Demoscene work as downloaded from Github with zero changes needed. This is not an emulator of the CMM2 as it makes no attempt to equalise processing speed but it is now largely functionally compatible other than I/O of course

I'll try and hack together something resembling a manual in the next week or so.

The source code is up-to-date on github so if anyone want to have a go porting to Linux then now would be a good time to start. However, the code work really nicely under Wine so there may be no point.

For reference the current limitations of the implementation are as follows:
Max global variables 1024
Max Local variables  1024
Max program size      1MB
Variable space      128MB
FrameBuffer size    126MB (4 * 4K ARGB8888 pages)
Max open files         64
Max com ports          64
Max FOR loop          128
Max DO loops          128
Max multiline IF      128
Max Sub/function      512

Current irritations - having to click in the window after mode change