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Posted: 11:10pm 27 Feb 2022      

  matherp said  The font issue was a bug - your test now works perfectly on my development version - will post tomorrow.

bug is in this part

for i=1 to nbfonts  'if nbfonts > 7 then it bug
 font i,1
 vsize(i,1)  'dim vsize(16,3) as integer
next i

  matherp said  
The cursor issue is something to do with your set-up. I can't replicate on either a 4K monitor or a single 1080p monitor. Do you have an issue if you use mode 15?

mode -16 is the best for me. I don't want to use "mode 16", but my pb is that option default mode -16 don't work  (in v03a12 it work without pb)

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