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Posted: 10:32am 28 Feb 2022      

Have been using MMB4W for a while and think it is a great development.  

However there are a couple of things which I feel could be improved.
I am using W10 on a 64bit machine with a standard 1080 screen.

1. I am having to reset the font to my default setting every time a program finishes and drops back to the prompt.  It doesn't seem to matter what my defaults are or what screen mode I am using it will always be font 3 on exit.  I have even tried defining the font (i.e. Font 4) as the last line in a program without success. Can you consider having it instead revert to whatever Option Default settings are entered.

2. Similar to goc30, am also having issues with the window extending outside of the screen.  I have tried hiding the Taskbar which solves the problem of the cursor below the bottom of the screen when in a normal window mode.  However if I switch to full screen (Mode -16) then when back at the prompt the cursor is visible but I can no longer see or unhide the Taskbar.

As you suggested have tried Mode 15 and all works as expected with the cursor visible and the taskbar visible or can be recalled.

Would appreciate your advice