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  matherp said  
This is correct. I made the decision not to allow full screen modes to be set as default. Full screen on Windows can be a problem (no access to menu bar etc.) so I thought it better to only allow it to be set once in the application. This is open to discussion but that was my thinking

of course, but the problem is that this mode does not stay, and sometimes it starts to flash. Finally at each cls or at the exit of edition, the cursor disappears. We don't even know where we are anymore. Is the cursor just hidden or is MMBasic crashing. Even at startup, the version of MMBasic is not visible. it is unmanageable!!.

There is a basic principle on Windows. The cursor at position 0,0 should be at the top of the visible part of a window, not behind the top border. And this, whatever the resolution. And if there is a menu, position 0,0 is at the bottom of the menu bar.

it is Windows that manages this automatically, so any operation different from these principles must be considered as a malfunction
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