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  KD5ZXG said  We may already have a way for finding variables I am unaware of.

CMM2 Manual:

And there are corresponding POKEs for VAR and VARTBL.

PEEK(VARHEADER) is currently unimplemented in MMB4W but I suspect that is just an oversight that Peter will address.

This doesn't help with the DATA pointer since that is not an MMBasic variable - and infact is two internal variables which need to be updated as a single atomic unit.

  KD5ZXG said  What feature is missing that wants direct access to this pointer?

There is a fundamental design flaw in the whole BASIC DATA concept, you can't iterate through multiple DATA sections "simultaneously" because there is only one (hidden) pointer. Workarounds include either reading an entire DATA section into memory before operating on it, or designing the format of your DATA such that you can always RESTORE it to the start and then iterate through it to find a point you were at previously.

Anway, I have an idea, time to "Fire up the Quattro" - bonus pop culture points for anyone who knows the reference without looking it up.

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