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Posted: 08:34pm 08 Jun 2023      

  JanVolk said  I do not understand that all these extra settings are not included in the standard manual

I agree that is a nuisance but I presume it was done to reduce duplication. The manual for MMB4W was based on the CMM2 manual which did not include the GUI stuff. I would not be surprised if it was removed from the Picomite manual in the future.

One change of the GUI functions could mean several manuals would need to be updated.

If it makes you feel any better, the manual for the MM+ only contains the things that are ADDITIONAL to the Micromite manual. This is were the GUI functions began (I believe). Maybe one day they will be removed from that manual and that would mean that THREE manuals would be needed for the MM+ (I hope not).

The program does work well. If only I could understand it.