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Posted: 02:33pm 14 Jun 2023      

Peter & Mick,

Thanks for answering my color question on the editor.
I already suspected something like this could be going on so I won't ask about it again.
The program is still a Beta version so there may still be bugs?
The editor is already not fast with MMB4W and may become even slower and I can also choose a single color.

The utility is made for quick customization and for real work Notepad++ or any other editor is more suitable for writing a program and if I am adapting the newly discovered Syntax highlighting in Notepad++ for my own programming language such as PicoMite Basic, MMB4W , Bascom AVR and Annex Basic, then I can develop programs with them and immediately use them from the same folder.
It was a bit of a puzzle with the syntax marking, but once you have mastered it, it works very well.