Where is Warp?

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Posted: 05:54am 12 Mar 2022      


I was never really into inverters that much, but many of the threads that he started, were truly fascinating and very interesting to read, along with all the photos etc.

I too, hope he comes back.

It would seem he was not banned, so I don't know why he can't get back in, but I am sure that admin could reset his password if that was the issue somehow/someway, then he could reset it again himself.

Sometimes, odd things do seem to happen.  I'm sure we have ALL had times, where for whatever reason, our logon details for site X don't work, and we KNOW they are correct.  Either the site is doing maintenance or perhaps there is simply an issue with the password where admin need to step in and reset it.  That should never be taken as a personal slight - sometimes feces occurs.

Please, Tony, if you ever read this - do reconsider coming back.  A talent like yours needs to be harnessed.