An other model of RP2040

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I've used the YD-RP2040 for a while. It seems to be a pretty well thought out alternative but you have to be aware of several points:

The WS2812 needs to be enabled via a solder blob link. If you don't enable it then GP23 can be used as an IO pin.

VREF also needs to be enabled via a link. By default the ADC pins are all digital. Alternatively you can also inject your own VREF via a flying lead.

The maximum speed I've managed to clock them is 252MHz. They work fine for VGA.

As the regulator is analogue there is no 3V3EN. That pin is used by GP29.

The supply pins are different. The VBUS diode is always in circuit and VBUS isn't available. This makes it unsuitable for USB systems. The diode goes from the USB VBUS to VOUT'

VIN has another diode to VOUT. It's very good as a standby supply pin.

The USB D+ and D- connections are not available, which also makes it unsuitable for USB systems.

I think that's about it. There is a circuit diagram available.
I've never had any operational problems with any of mine apart from the speed limitation.