An other model of RP2040

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Hi All,

I have been looking at this board (and the purple one) for a while now, mainly as an easy way to access the extra IO pins not normally accessible to a standard Pico.

Using your link I see the price for the 16MB version was down to $3.02AU, albeit the postage was $5.72AU but that doesn’t change at least up to 10 boards.

I decided to buy 5 of them for a grand total of $22.75AU including Aus taxes and postage. Or $4.55AU each, well worth the price to have a bit of a play with them.

I see they use a linear power supply rated at 350mA, I am not sure how hot it would get at that load, maybe it might need some form of heat sink (what could fit that small package?)

I baulked earlier because I was confused by the terminology VIN and Vout, thanks to the PDF schematic that is very plain and I like the concept as I tend to use a 2.1mm barrel jack as the main power source and need to add a diode in series and connect to Vsys to avoid power supply conflicts. This board has that nice dual input diode onboard.

As to maximum speed, looking at the manual (unless mine is outdated) the ‘general’ max clock is 252000, the 378000 does work but not documented so that limitation will not be critical in many applications.

A question, with the 16MB memory will MMBasic automatically detect that and use it or is having that much currently a waste?

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