PicoGAME 2.0

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Posted: 02:35pm 13 Jul 2022      

Hmmm... colour... It's completely up to you. :)  I was going to order blue again personally, but that's only because I have a blue case here. Do you fancy black? Maybe with gold copperwork instead of HASL (or whatever the name is - if they don't charge extra)? It might look kinda cool for those who don't want cases.

I've just thought - I think there are pillars in the top and bottom of those cases. You could house two "topless" boards in one case. :)

Previously it didn't matter how the 5V was derived, the USB-A was connected. Now there is the option to power the entire board from the PicoMite's USB connector. In that mode you can't (officially) use the USB-A output.