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Yeah, I'm fine thanks. Just got carried away with the aquarium, an electricians forum and life in general.  :)

Right, to get 2 Atari joysticks on PicoGAME 1.4...
There is no connection on pin 1 so no "up" direction, but this can be got around. Link pin 1 to pin 9. This now gives:
Up - GP28
Down - GP4
Left - GP5
Right - GP22
Fire - GP15

You will need to set LB1 LH link to UP to turn on the pullup for GP28.

The pullup on pin 3 is a bit weak. If you have problems with Left then it might be an idea to connect a 22K resistor in parallel with R21 to give around 10K pullup like the other pins. If you do that then you could link out R20. The other components around there (R18, D4 and D5) will be doing nothing and can be ignored.