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Posted: 08:48am 01 Mar 2023      

No Pete, never got truck number plate. 110km/hr freeway. Too far away by the time I realised what happened. I was squatting at the left side of rear wheel when the truck hit.

I found what the problem was. It had popped all the heads off the bolts on the inside cover. I replaced the motor last week and it sounded the same, but all the outside bolts had come loose. I  put the dial indicator on it and found 1.5mm out of true. So disassembled the motor and machined the magnet ring. It seems fixed now.

Drove T-Rev to town (Mackay) to check if public charging was al ok. It is.

Planning another trip to Sydney. More details of this new trip will be posted later.

Picture won't upload from my phone. I will try when I get home.