Off grid inverter Panelage.

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Posted: 03:43am 06 Aug 2022      

Got a bunch of GTI's that are all over clocked by at least double on the panels and been running them 4-5 years no problem.

I keep reading that off grid inverters connected to batteries CANNOT have more panels amps than specified on them.

Can anyone tell me if they KNOW or have experience if this is correct or not?

Far as I can see the panels aren't going to push power, the inverter will only take what it want and leave the rest. Is this correct or something I'm missing?

I want to be able to do like I do with my GTI's and that's make sure they are making all the power that is available early and late especially and connecting them to double the panels name plate power would be the way to do that.

I am aware that the string Voltage has to be in limits but I'm talking about a parallel setup to make sure all the amps the inverter wants is available for the greatest time possible.

I am looking at either an MPP or a make sky Blue inverter charger.