Off grid inverter Panelage.

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Posted: 08:19am 06 Aug 2022      

Sorry mate, Just talking about off grid ONLY. No AC coupling.

I just mentioned the AC because I have had the GTI's over paneled for years.

People say you cannot do the same with stand alone OFF grid inverters and can only have panel capacity as they specify on the machines and specifications.

I want to know with a purely off grid inverter and particularly and inverter charger type, If you can parallel more arrays  that are under the voltage limit but over the power limit they specify.

For instance, If an inverter Says  " Max PV array, 4000W"  Can I hook up 8 KW of panels providing I stay under the voltage limit, IE Multiple arrays that add up to 8000W
or will the inverter overload at anything beyond being conected to an array doing over 4000W?