Off grid inverter Panelage.

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Posted: 09:59am 09 Aug 2022      

Is there a reason the amperage needs to be limited?

On my GTI's  I have hooked up 2KW more power from the panels  than the thing could use ( as evidenced by taking a 2kw input off the inverter and seeing it only drop less than 100W from flat out) and they are happy with that.

They only take what they need and the rest is ignored.

Is there a reason why battery inverter/ chargers would be different and why too much panelage  which was over amped but in voltage spec would cook them?

Pretty sure the GTI's have input specs as well but they don't seem to be hurt by the availability of more than what is specified.

As long as the VOC had come margin, the over wattage isn't going to push it to the inverter/ charger is it?  Won't it pull what it wants and that's it?

Just trying to understand facts and reality over the possibility of manufacturers guarding their butt.