Off grid inverter Panelage.

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Limiting the amperage is just a safety margin, to help avoid going over maximum, We don't know if they have any built in limits at or after there maximum, Maybe they do.

On the other hand it may not even get to the 100amp max due to the batteries not taking that much charge, taking into account the size and quality of the battery, they would be getting some nice steady charge early sunrise.

Solar power will be used to power the house loads before it charges the battery, once the battery is mostly or fully charged then the rest will be ignored same as the GTI's.

When charging the battery (I assume) these types of inverter charger run a converter (Transformer) backwards, then the square waves are rectified buy the set of mosfets to battery voltage, This is probably the part of the inverter that could be damaged. could be wrong and they might have changed that a little bit, I don't follow these much these days.

You might be ably to try it and find out, Try to negotiate a deal with a seller see if they will honer there warranty, replacement parts etc, You could tell them you will be running to its full solar input, don't mention going over spec, its on them if it don't work, you could probably negotiate a good deal.

There might be a way to use your other GTI's with this on a rainy day, grid connection would still be needed, will have to think about how that might work.
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