Off grid inverter Panelage.

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Posted: 03:13pm 13 Aug 2022      

  Solar Mike said  
Max input power
(The total power rated of PV can’t be over this watt that will break the controller.)

This really is the Crux of what I was trying to find out.
My Delta inverter has much the same thing written in the manual. Max voltage, amperage and specified not to go over 6000W solar array.

Think is, I have had it running with DOUBLE the rating of the machine ( 5 Kw) for 5 years and I know for a time I had 12 Kw sitting on it and never had a problem.
All My other GTI's have been similarly over clocked and had no problems either.
according to the specs on the Delta at least, the thing should have long been in the scrap pile.

What I was hoping someone knowledgeable with the understanding of how these things work could tell me, if what was in the manual was just arse covering or if over paneling really would destroy them because they are built Different to GTI's?

Obviously not as straight forward a question as I assumed and I prefer not to find out the expensive way.

I over paneled the GTI's basically out of ignorance because I didn't realize the specs said don't so it so I was wondering if off grid inverters have some different working principal that allows them to cope with over paneling that a possible different setup in the circuity of an off grid inverter would destroy it?

Maybe the question I should be asking is If I over panel one of these and claim warranty, how could they tell what I had done rather than just a component failure caused by something else?   :0)