Off grid inverter Panelage.

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I expect the Make sky blue mppt controls the charge by sensing the battery voltage, when the battery voltage is close to its full charge voltage it will back off the charge current as it should, it probably has no idea how many amps are available if it is over panelled, if the battery is low, it could just ramp up until something fails, Thats my guess,
Someone correct me if I'm wrong
they have other MPPT's that do a lot more and more price as well, haven't looked into them.

Other mppt's that have current limit settings, should keep within those settings even when over panelled by 30% (self preservation) it should easily accommodate for inverter load while charging......Keep in mind, a with a fully charged battery and the inverter using 2Kw or 4kw and the load is suddenly taken off, the charge controller MUST also back off quickly, or could result in (overshoot) over voltage to the battery and all connected to it, Had that happen when running on 2 sets of truck batteries (8 in total), luckily the MPPT went into fault and disconnected, reconnected itself soon after.

As far as warranty goes, not sure about MSB cant find any information.

Growatt had a 2 year warranty on some of there inverters, repairs go back to there service centre, so they might find out if it has been over powered.

MPP, had a 1 year warranty last I looked, the inverter was too costly (shipping weight) to ship back for repairs, so the user was asked what happened, the fault code, to open the case and do an inspection, take some photos, then receive a component checklist and test associated parts with a meter if possibly, then report back to them.
There engineer would look at the results, end result they sent out a new main board to be installed, may have to pay shipping
Done this once.
This has apparently become a more difficult process since, now they have a local dealer they probably get shipped back to that service centre, I don't know, so they might work out what happened.

I intend to over panel the system I have perhaps 30% or something, panels are not putting out the full rating anyway.

The simple solution most people have done is to add another charge controller when its needed.

I started off grid, by Buying off the shelf gear, have since learned a lot, I don't want to buy this stuff anymore, its a lot more expensive now, prefer to build the gear with the help and knowledge of the forum.

15 years ago the amount of 48V inverters around, you could count on one hand, now they are everywhere.
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