PicoMite(VGA) V5.07.05 draft manuals - please review

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Hi Peter,

About the VGA manual. First of all, congratulations on this manual. It was dearly missed, and we do appreciate a lot that you and Geoff found time to complete and update it. Thank you.

1/ The manual only shows the 8 color and complex 16 color VGA connection (P6). Not the simple 16 color one. Same for the audio circuit (P26)

2/ there is no mention that digital input can also be read when assigned to PIO (P23)

3/ The RTC part could use an explanation of OPTION RTC AUTO ENABLE

to be continued....

EDIT: continued

4/ Page 81 (PULSE command) refers to 40MHz clock frequency

5/ TIME$ will default to RTC when OPTION RTC AUTO ENABLE (P90) same for DATE$ (P61)

6/ EXP, the formatting of the text says "ex" where it should be "e^x" or e raised to the power x

7/ PIO EXECCTRL and PIO FLEVEL miss closing brackets (P102)

8/ Maybe the PASM and PREVAS program should not be mentioned, since they do not work in their current form. Effort has to be spend to make them work again (P120) according Mick. If you have working versions, maybe these should be made available somewhere (fruitoftheshed).

9/ There is some duplicate text in P12 and P124 (program structure). Maybe that is intended ? It uses the same examples.

10 Although there is mention of BLIT and SPRITE being identical, the command section uses BLIT  and SPRITE , where the function section only uses SPRITE.

I noticed (yes, I noticed only now, so late in the game) that drawing LINE diagonally sets the linewidth to 1. Is that something that can be changed, that lines can be drawn at any line width ? Or should I uses polygons when drawing diaginally ?
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