PicoMite(VGA) V5.07.05 draft manuals - please review

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Posted: 08:20am 29 Aug 2022      

Thanks for the updates. Re the circuit drawings I need Geoff for them. I don't know what he uses to create them.

  Quote  I noticed (yes, I noticed only now, so late in the game) that drawing LINE diagonally sets the linewidth to 1. Is that something that can be changed,

No: there is no sensible algorithm for diagonal lines of width > 1. This is the same in all versions of MMBasic.

  Quote  TIME$ will default to RTC when OPTION RTC AUTO ENABLE (P90) same for DATE$ (P61)

Don't understand. This is not true - does the manual somewhere imply it is? All the option does is update the internal clock every hour.

  Quote  Textbox from a subroutine nor ACTIVATE not working as per the manual

Since NUMBERBOX ACTIVATE and FORMATBOX ACIVATE are not implemented at all and TEXTBOX ACTIVATE is buggy I intend to remove it completely.