PicoMite(VGA) V5.07.05 draft manuals - please review

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BLIT x1, y1, x2, y2, w, h

On an LCD appears to only copy 3 bit colour - RGB(1,1,1).
I imagine that is to save memory.
If it is meant to be that way is it worth noting in the manual?

This test produces a 6 bit colour bar pattern with the component colours along the bottom.
A stripe along the top of the screen is then BLITed to the middle for comparison.

'Colour bars. RGB(2,2,2) 6 bit with R G & B components at the bottom
Dim integer R,G,B,x,y=1
Dim integer xx=MM.HRes/64,yi=MM.VRes-1
For R=0 To 255 Step 85
 For G=0 To 255 Step 85
   For B=0 To 255 Step 85
     Box x,y,xx,yi,,RGB(R,G,B),RGB(R,G,B)
     Box x,yi-60,xx,yi,,RGB(R,0,0),RGB(R,0,0)
     Box x,yi-40,xx,yi,,RGB(0,G,0),RGB(0,G,0)
     Box x,yi-20,xx,yi,,RGB(0,0,B),RGB(0,0,B)
blit 1, 1, 1,yi/2, MM.HRES, yi/10