PicoMite(VGA) V5.07.05 draft manuals - please review

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Posted: 08:09pm 02 Sep 2022      

There are several cross-references that say 'See the chapter "Basic Drawing Commands"' within the chapter "Commands" but there is no chapter heading of "Basic Drawing Commands" in the contents nor in the text.  

There is a chapter "Graphics Commands and Functions" and it appears that this is the chapter referred to.  There is a paragraph within this chapter headed "Drawing Commands", but this makes no sense if one is following the cross-reference from the Fonts entry in the "Commands" chapter; fonts are dealt with in the pages before the "Drawing Commands" paragraph.  

This is rather confusing for the new user and would be better tidied up.

The Contents pages would benefit enormously from adopting the comprehensive structure of the "Armmite F4 User Manual" which is vastly more informative in guiding the reader around the manual.  

The structure of the document is excellent for two-sided printing and binding - I get my Micromite manuals printed out this way; I find that I still like to browse a printed manual when travelling or just for general revision.  To this end, could the page footer be re-formatted so that the page numbers are set correctly to the right for odd-page numbers and to the left for even page numbers?  Easily done in most word-processors and makes printed copy so much better-looking.  This applies also, when reading the .PDF file in two-page format on a 4K screen.  

Syntactical coherence; the OPTION HEARTBEAT ON/OFF is used in the PicoMite, but in the MMBasic language for the MicroMite eXtreme the same option uses OPTION HEARTBEAT ENABLE/DISABLE.  A minor point, but there is some merit in keeping the same syntax across the Micromite sub-groups within MMBasic.  (Perhaps best addressed in the next iteration of MicroMite eXtreme....he says mischievously).