PicoMite: Possible console timing issue with V5.05.05 betas

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Posted: 01:41pm 14 Sep 2022      

Thanks for having a look at the post Peter. Firstly I have to apologise for creating confusion with the Versions I posted about. They are all V5.07.xx not V5.05.xx as I mis-typed twice in the first post, including in the thread subject and the final couple of sentences of the post!

Anyway after running it happily all night on V5.07.04 I flashed it again with the latest V5.07.05b18 this morning and for several hours I've been trying to find some consistency with the problem. You mentioned interrupts and I did have a "SETPIN 9,INTL,target" declared a bit early so I moved it to immediately before the "Main" do loop as you suggested. There's also a SETTICK firing every 30 secs. to read the BME280 but that was already placed just before "Main".

I then went onto placing various PRINT "x": END statements early in the code using the internal editor, but the results were inconsistent. The one consistent thing (that I presume shouldn't be happening) is that when I hit F1 to save the edited program it prints the "xxxx bytes saved" message to the console but then immediately starts running. Sometimes it runs consistently to wherever I'd placed the END statement, but sometimes it would also just print the "[" to the console and hang again and to retrieve the console I have to power cycle.

I'm now wondering whether my Pico is a bit marginal so my next try will be to replace the Pico with a new module - I've got a couple of spares. Any further suggestions would be appreciated.