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Regulator is Microchip MCP1703A-33: LINK

Microchip don't have any in stock at the moment - stupid frustrating silicon shortages.

I normally get Microchip parts from Microchip Direct, but as they are out, you can find most other stuff from Element14 or mouser.

Element14 list this reg as out of stock at the moment, BUT - they will have about two and a half thousand of them next month, so their website says... LINK

I do have a few of these in stock though, so if you wanted any desperately urgently, I can provide you with some.

SMD caps and 470R resistor are 1206 footprint, from any supplier you like.

The electros are low-profile MCMHR series ones(7mm height) such as these ones here:
100uF 6v3
100uF 16v

These caps are in stock now.

I think that is all the special parts.
RTC modules are standard from eBay or AliExpress for about two bucks each: LINK
You need to remove the right-angle pin-header, and replace it with standard straight ones, then it plugs directly into the host PCB.

DC socket and 3mm mounting hardware are standard - get them anywhere you like.
Piezo is standard 12mm type - get them anywhere you like.
I got lower-profile ones that fit better under the LCD then the ones from Jaycar, which are taller(and more expensive): LINK
Despite these only being 14c each, they have always worked fine for me, but you know the old saying - "Buyer beware"....


@ Hans - No, I've never used the EEPROM chip on these RTC's, but I expect the code Paul posted should work - MMBASIC is very good at writing to those type of EEPROM chips, and I remember seeing heaps of threads over the years of people playing with them - myself included(but not on these modules).

Looking close at the RTC module now, the EEPROM chip is a 24C32.

  Hans said  The Pico W has an RF chip on it, do you know, has anyone tried utilizing that instead of adding a separate RF board?

This has been brought up before on the forums, but Peter(matherp - the lead developer of the PicoMite code) has said that the W variant of the Pico board will NOT be supported due to complications with interfacing to it from what I remember.  The Pico-W board is not officially supported, so MMBASIC SHOULD run just fine on it, but no guarantees and definitely no WiFi support.  For now, anyway.  Peter has a habit of saying no, then surprising us all with a code that works.  But don't get your hopes up.
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