Warpinverter Build

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After a lot of work the transformers for my Warpinverter are all finished. After discussion with Warpspeed (Tony) he was confident in using IGBTs at 48v so I decided to do down that route (and Mosfets for the smaller stages). Looking at the curves of the IGBTS they exhibit much smaller voltage drop if you operate them well below their rates current and Tony said his experience with them has shown him they actually perform better than theory would lead to you to believe. Mosfets (if using the HY4008 at least) are cheaper but I managed to find IGBTs at electronic surplus supplier (who seem to sell ex mining equipment stock), so they were only around $45 each. I did find one seller on eBay who said they were genuine but once I received my order I could tell they were either counterfeit or second hand (the terminal look to have been sanded and there was glue ozzing out from the casing) so I sent them back and got my money back, the moral of the story being it takes some careful shopping. I also managed to find some muRata DC-DC converters from a surplus place in the UK and they are happy to operate down to about 30v so that is what I am using for my isolated supplies. I designed some PCBs similar to Warps and my layout will be similar to his. Here is my progress so far: