Warpinverter Build

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Posted: 02:29pm 18 Sep 2022      

Wow, very nice looking work there Alston. Very professional.

I had wanted to use IGBT modules for the higher power transformers and mosfets for the smaller ones  ...  but somehow talked myself out of that and stuck with mosfets for all of it.

My battery voltage will be 48v and I was concerned about voltage drop across the IGBTs, so that was largely why I changed my mind. I will be interested to see how well yours performs and what sort of idling power.

I'm still making progress with mine, but painfully slow. I have built mine as modules, 3 full bridge boards and 2 half bridge boards for the large transformer. I also want to build some spare modules to keep on hand so I can swap any out if they give trouble.

Once I fit the mosfets to the modules, I'll put up some photos of my layout.

I picked up some 70mm˛ welding cable on the weekend for the primary of the big transformer  ...  I had been struggling with the idea of spending $24/mtr x 13 metres for new cable for the big one.

On your boards, the green plugs that mount the mosfets  ...  are they just plugged onto pins on the board  ...  or how are they connected?