Warpinverter Build

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Posted: 09:32am 20 Sep 2022      

  Alston said  

Klaus I remember you showing some of the terminals you used but they seemed like this sort
https://www.altronics.com.au/p/p2029-dinkle-3-way-3.5mm-pcb-mount-terminal-block/ ? My theory is that the plug itself might be destroyed but not the socket.

Paul, it might be wise to check the *current* rating of these plugs/sockets.
I my experience, when a 200A mosfet blows then the current causing that is not far of that mark.

As I keep saying, mosfets on terminals in inverters, been there, done that, rejected that idea due bad experiences (lots of them ).

If you want to make the mosfets easily replaceable without messing with the motherboard, put them on small sub boards of, say, 2-4 mosfets each and connect them to the motherboard via M4 6-8mm long brass spacers.
It's not a new idea, the Powerjack  inverter boards had it for a long time.

BTW, I do have a mosfet on these type terminals in my mosfet tester. There it passes 10A max so no worries.