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  Alston said  Klaus they are rated for 18 amps but as they are only used on transformer 3 and 4 they only need to handle 13 amps. Your method is great but I feel this is simpler and will work just as well in my application.

Yes, Ok while the inverter is running. Shall I keep my fingers crossed that you do not have the trouble I had in getting this thing working?
Warpinvertere are at least 4 times more complicated than our other home built inverters.

But when it runs its brilliant. Recently mine ran unattended for 6 weeks, powering two fridges and keeping the battery bank full. Back charging from solar GTI is also a lot quieter, no growling even with more than 2KW of solar power flowing into it.

Just make very very sure you get the phasing of all these drivers correct and you do not have a faulty driver chip. Those terminals have no chance in a 'bang' event, even at the smallest transformer drivers.
I made a test PCB for mosfets & driver chips, I have a spare PCB if you want one.

The screws in those big blue capacitors are American 'gauge' thread, I think it was 4G. There was a tap somewhere in my shed to check that. It's not an 'imperial' (British) thread.
The screw length depends on your busbar thickness. You also need some support at the bottom (top?) end of that capacitor row. A method to discharge them before removing that busbar assembly is helpful to avoid a nasty 'splat'.